Why are battle royale games so popular? The History of Battle Royale

Why are battle royale games so popular? The History of Battle Royale

Battle Royale games are the topic of the hour. Since the tremendous success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , the Battle Royale has become more popular than ever. But what makes the appeal of games like PUBG, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Creative Destruction?

The genre “Battle Royale” refers to games in which a large number of players, usually 100 or more, are exposed unarmed in a large area.

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There they have to fight mercilessly for survival. There are all sorts of weapons and equipment, such as axes, knives, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. Who survives – depending on the game mode – at the end as a single player or team, has won.

The History of Battle Royale

The idea for this kind of game originally comes from the novel “Battle Royale” from Japan. The novel was later bloody and successfully filmed.

In Battle Royale, Japan’s brutally selective school system is exaggerated into a life-and-death struggle. While in real life, students argue about places and career positions, the school trip is all about survival.

Here, losers are not deposed in the race for the top jobs, but slaughtered. Students fight for survival as part of an inhumane government program.

The equally popular book series “The Hunger Games” treated a similar topic. There, selected candidates kill themselves on a lonely island in order to finally organize food parcels for their starving homeland.

The PUBG victory saying “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” is to be taken literally here.


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Why are battle royale games so popular?

What works well on screen or in book form, 2017 gameplay can celebrate huge success.

But that did not happen overnight, but is a niche trend in gaming that has built up over the years. All the fun started with the modder Brendan Greene, better known as “PlayerUnknown”. He then wrote Battle Royale mods for the military shooter Arma 2 and Arma 3.

In early 2016, Greene worked on behalf of Sony on PvP mode “King of the Kill” from the zombie survival game H1Z1.

Greene is now developing the PUBG named after him for the Korean company Bluehole with great success. But the competition does not sleep. The recently launched Fortnite: Battle Royale also wants something from the cake.

But why is it so much fun to kill each other on an island? What is the secret of success of PUBG & Co.?

Battle Royale games are extremely exciting!

The beginning and the end of a typical round in PUBG or Creative Destruction are unbeatable.

At the beginning you are exposed almost naked. Already at the jump with the parachute you see your fellow players and enemies sailing down ominously. One is still safe, but as soon as the feet touch the ground, the carnage is opened and everyone is fair game!

Now it’s time to find a weapon as fast as possible, otherwise you can only wag your forehead desperately, while your opponent may have grabbed a 9mm or a shotgun and blow away a sneering laugh. That’s it with the chicken dinner!

It’s even more extreme at the end of a lap. As usual in Battle Royale games, the field becomes smaller and smaller as the game progresses. In the end, the last players are penned in a confined space, usually heavily armed and ready for anything!

Anyone who keeps their nerves here and systematically or with good luck does the enemy, has truly earned the Chicken Dinner!

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