Much more than just a Fortnite clone: ​​Creative Destruction Review

​​Creative Destruction Review

Now begins the sixth season! Shall We Management Service Ltd. has again updated and expanded the Creative Destruction Advance game. It’s a cool mobile game that – as I said – reminds of Fortnite. The approximately 1.2 GB fun is free to have in the respective stores (update from 1 June 2019).

And you can expect that in Creative Destruction: This game is a Fortnite-inspired Battle Royale game in which up to a hundred players can compete against each other on an island full of weapons. And just like Fortnite, only one player can survive here. As in other games of this genre, you can play singly or in teams.

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Play Creative Destruction for free

See that you only land the game in the wlan, otherwise your data volume is used up for the month. Once you are ready, you will be greeted by a little alien who wants to show you the Valley of the Dawn. His name is Hammer – and also has hammer-like sayings in stock.

The gameplay is identical to the game PUBG or more specifically Fortnite or Fortcraft. At the beginning, you will jump with a parachute on a 4 × 4 km island, which has 13 different scenarios that you can explore at will. But remember that you are not alone, because you are playing against time and against dozens of enemies who want to kill you. iOS players get the mobile game here.

Use your main weapon to gather resources and destroy everything in the setting. These can be cars, houses or even trees. Every part, like the first wooden door, which you have disassembled into pieces, you should not leave aside, because it can still be useful to you. Because you have to build a bastion to protect yourself. Here is the Android version of the game.

Before you know it, even the first enemy lurks on you. Make him down. Pay attention to the sayings that are released in the tutorial. “Adventurer, stick to the instructions and not around” I’ve heard several times now. Similar games are available here.

Creative Destruction Review

I do my best, but somehow I can not shoot unerringly. My rifle, which I found in first house, is a real hoot, but I still miss the target water.

Here are some tips on the game: In real combat, you must survive as long as possible and kill your opponents in a specific order. In Creative Destruction Advance you have a wide selection of weapons at your disposal, including shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, bombers, traps (such as beehives or air pumps) and assault rifles.

They are available in different colors according to their rarity. Also use your energy shields, first aid kits, grenades and other accessories to increase your chances of survival.

There is a big reward system. You will receive gifts when you share the game with another player, finish a game with a friend, reach the top 5 with your team in 4-team mode, and so on.

Create your character – unique

Click on the depot. Here you can shape your character. Change the look, the suit, choose a cool pants or a baseball cap. But not only the characters can be adjusted – as long as you have enough money (virtual coins or diamonds).

How long can I survive in this outfit?

If you already know the game, you may be pleased that the Defend the Captain mode is available again. Here adventurers are divided into two teams. Turn off all opposing captains to claim victory. New is the air raid remote control. These can only be found in drop boxes. With their help, you can trigger devastating air raids anywhere on the map and let it rain on your opponents fire.

These are the features of the game Creative Destruction

  • Great graphics
  • You can chat while playing
  • There is a season pass
  • You can start your own guild
  • Many customization options
  • Many weapons to choose from
  • Optional in-app purchases
  • The app is around 1.1 GB in size
  • Click here for the official site of the game


Creative Destruction is very similar to the game Fortnite. If you’re lucky with the best server, the game is a round affair. Because otherwise it jerks a bit and hangs on – who wants to know, I play it with an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.0.

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