Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Creative destruction is currently in vogue. We provide you with the best tips for beginners and advanced players so that you can compete with your 99 opponents!

The Creative Destruction by NetEase Games is still growing in popularity. The map of the game has just been completely revised with Update 2.0.2401 and compared to the first map much livelier.


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In Battle Royale mode, you jump from a airborne vessel over a huge island and, when you reach the bottom, you have to fight for 99 players to survive. A death zone reduces the area until the winner is determined. So it’s up to you to collect the weapons and equipment lying around and choose the right tactics , because there can only be one winner!

With our guide, we provide you with the best tips for beginners and advanced players , which will improve your tactics and make you end up as a winner!

1.Choose the best landing spot


If you have the cheery hopping and dancing banter in the pre-game lobby behind you, you will find yourself in the airborne vessel again, flying in a random route on the map. Choosing the right take-off and landing point is already a crucial factor in how the game will go.It is all up to you, when and where you jump off. Keep an eye on your teammates as they will increasingly parachute at key points on the map.

If you jump at the same time, the mail should leave directly on the ground after your landing . So, if you want to gather weapons and material at your leisure, you should wait as long as possible for your jump and avoid the route of your teammates .

Are you a good shooter who keeps a cool head even in heated duels? And do you want to practice what awaits you in the game? Then lands in the urban areas that lure with many weapons and items . But beware: the competition will be great!

Do you want to be careful, attack from the camouflage and win the epic victory ? Then love you look for a secluded place . Although there are usually only a few weapons, but also fewer opponents , which increases your chances of survival!

2.The best equipment


On the ground, it is up to you to collect weapons and items. The right equipment can decide on victory and defeat. At the beginning of the round you are still happy about every weapon you can get. But as the match progresses, so does the importance of healing and shield potions .

Therefore, get stuck on a few weapons and fill the other inventory items with healing items. Five inventory slots are available, so choose wisely! With three weapons for different distances, an explosive weapon and bandages , you’re ready for hot battles:

  • For close combat , the pump gun and the submachine gun are recommended.
  • Medium distances , the assault rifle is recommended.
  • Long distances you fall back on the sniper rifle.

Most weapons in Creative Destruction are available in different quality levels. The higher the quality, the better the weapon: A blue shotgun causes more damage than a green one and so on.

Advice for the advanced: never underestimate the shotgun!

Although the shotgun is gray and green only in the rarity levels compared to the tactical shotgun , this offers a huge advantage: In a critical hit, it is deadly even over long distances ! If you want to ambush a careless player, the shotgun is sometimes the better choice. In hectic melee situations, however, the tactical shotgun with its higher rate of fire makes more sense.

3.Be quiet and listen

 creative destruction tips

So you rely solely on your eyes and your ears. So be as quiet as possible , as you move across the island, because in most cases: whoever hears his opponent first, also wins the fight!

As far as possible, do not sprint and run rather crouch over the island. This is slower, but makes much less noise . In addition, sprints cause clouds of smoke behind your enemies can see – even from long distances! By the way: Even if you change the weapon, your teammates can hear that!

In addition, it is advisable to use a good headset , if you have such a. This allows you to hear your opponents much better and locate where they are. Again, if you listen to your enemy sooner than he does, you will win the fight in most cases. It does not matter if your opponent is far better equipped than you.

4.Be patient


Patience is a virtue. This also applies to Creative Destruction . Most of the time, new players recognize that they ‘re running around wildly, targeting everything they come across. Of course, that’s not wise. Make one thing clear:

The game is about survival rather than dealing with many enemies! So learn to be patient and shoot only at your enemies if your chances of success are high enough to emerge victorious from the duel. If you shoot at a moving opponent from a great distance, the chances of actually shutting it down are vanishingly small.

Carefully sneak up on your victim. Keep an eye on the environment so that nobody can suddenly stab you in the back, and then hit you deadly when you’re safe! The opposite is true: If you patiently keep an eye on the events on the island, you may have an easy time with an opponent who has just survived a heated duel .

5.Become the builder

Become the builder

Creative Destruction takes over the components from the main game, which is a unique selling point compared to Fortnite . Therefore , early in the game, you should start dismantle to gather material to build platforms, ramps, and bastions with your Dismantler, so that you can dig in if necessary .

Of course, you can use the resources to get to higher ground, which gives you a tactical advantage. However, large structures make little sense in the early days of a game, as you are forced to move on at regular intervals. Especially at the end of the round , the role of the construction function but increasingly important . Bear in mind, however, that a fort erected attracts the attention of other players.

Learn to Use Construction: In a heated duel, a quick wall between you and your opponent can decide about life and death . Equally crucial is the choice of the right material: wooden barricades are built quickly, but they only last a little. Metal, on the other hand, is much more robust.

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