Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide

Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide

Creative Destruction guide gives some interesting assistance to new players and veterans to get better. We summarize the essential information for you!

Put the main focus in Creative Destruction not on the win!

Whoever puts all his action in Creative Destruction to win a game will definitely be disappointed. But CD contains too many random moments. So theoretically it can happen that you are shot at by 99 opponents after landing.


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Do not get frustrated by these random moments, these are part of the gaming experience. Focus therefore only on what you can actually control – your style of play and your skill with the weapon.

So Jack always lands in high traffic areas. As a streamer, while he sees it as his job to make for a good show, this is not the only reason. Whoever learns where the treasure chests are and where to grab the first weapon has a clear advantage right at the start of a round.

Follow the trajectory of the airborne vessel

You now have the opportunity to view the trajectory of the airborne vessel on the launch island (just open the map before the bus takes off). Take advantage of this knowledge. Most players land near the trajectory.

Depending on the course of the storm, you can estimate from which direction the opponents are trying to reach the safe zone. Use this knowledge to move you so that you can not be attacked from multiple directions as much as possible.

Adjust your style of play to your tools!

If you are only using submachine guns and shotguns, you will not stand a chance on longer distances. Play aggressively with melee weapons and target your enemies with ranged weapons from a safe distance.

Also, you should always think about which fight you really want to take. You should not push opponents with height advantage if you do not have the appropriate tool for it. Jack points out that NetEase Games now has a whole range of weapons and grenades available to suit every style of play.

What are typical mistakes of players in Creative Destruction?

According to Jack, many players lose their fights because they simply do not have the practice – after all, the Battle Royale variant of Creative Destruction is only a few months old. He wants to encourage everyone to spend hours in the game, and progress will come automatically.

Of course, this should be done taking into account the other commitments. Not everyone, like Jack, has the time to spend hours every day in the game. He also encourages his younger audience to focus on the school before Creative Destruction is gambled.

Another mistake that many players make: they absolutely want to win without completely mastering the game. They land far off the hot spots, playing slowly and carefully. To a certain point, that may be fine.

However, if they encounter a talented player, they are completely taken apart. So Jack advises you to learn the game before you seriously try to win.

Lands in high traffic areas, forces you to challenge other players and face your opponents . Learn by heart the places with the best treasures, so that you always have direct access to a weapon – and thus an advantage.

Sooner or later you will be forced to build. Practice building mode – he will decide on victory or defeat.

Creative Destruction Building Mode Tips

Jack also advises to play aggressively. Sooner or later, you will be forced to resort to home-made fortresses to survive a tricky situation.

Learn the mode of building by jumping off the map, gathering materials and happily building on it:

  • Practice building four walls and a staircase. You should be able to build such a construction in no time. Experienced players make it on the PC in about 1-1,5 seconds.
  • Learn to add doors to your walls.
  • Get involved in editing your parts. Changes the position of stairs, or removes certain elements.

Practice all these aspects until you master them in your sleep. Anyone who has understood the construction mode and is able to use it specifically, will increase his chances of winning immensely.

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