Battlelands Royale App Review

Battlelands Royale App Review

Futureplay from Finland has once again given its successful game Battlelands Royale an update: Now there are special fights. Battleands Royale features a gripping game that will appeal to fans of epic multiplayer Battle Royal games. Of course, here too, it’s all about one thing: The bare survival.

What awaits you in Battlelands Royale:

In this casual shooter you have three core tasks. These are loud landing , looting and survival . Once you’ve secured a landing site, it’s about exploring the area. Action is guaranteed, as you fight in entertaining fights with 32 other players on different levels. This sounds familiar to you? Yes, Fortnite sends greetings!

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Battlelands Royale Review: Play for free

Find weapons and ammo to survive. Of course, the only thing in the game is to be the last to stay alive. That sounds like a brutal game, but please have a look at the graphics!

You want to know how to control the game? You can aim and fire with the right (virtual) joystick – automatic shots are also required. Use the left joystick to move your own game hero.

Speaking of hero: Choose a character and adapt it. The more matches you win, the more you can make the hero unique. Always pay attention to your values ​​(accessible via the bar at the bottom of the game). Here you can learn all about your total skills, double skills, overall success, collected weapons or even your stock deliveries.

Forgive a name; but think of a good one, because once it is forgiven, it can not be changed. Funny, that there are no fighters to choose from.

Once you’re done with your styling and you’re quite fast, because not many adjustments are possible at the beginning of the game, you’ll automatically land on a new terrain after a parachute jump.

Customize your heroes and equipment

When playing, individual content such as parachutes, emotes and special skins can be unlocked by collecting experience points (XP for short) and ascending the level. Become a member of Club Royale to earn even more rewards and make your fellow campaigners pale with envy.

With rare and legendary characters, sow fear in the hearts of your enemies, causing them to tremble and wish they had stayed at home. Fight against them on a huge map of grandiose locations like the ship, the labyrinth and the train depot.

With the help of the weapon selection you can improve your shooting skills and become the best fighter in the city. What will be your favorite weapon? The sniper rifle that has a good rate of fire? The shotgun, which can cause less damage than an assault rifle? Or the rifle? Do not neglect utility shipments to get a chance on the special minigun and bazooka!

What is new in the game Battlelands Royale

Get the Season 4 Battle Pass and turn the wheel of history back. Play with characters that have shaped the past generations and create a new future. This is all new:

BATTLE EVENTS – Complete challenges and improve your inventory with new rewards!
NEW CARD! Lose yourself in the desert. Look for remnants of past generations!

Features of the game Battlelands Royale

  • Cute characters
  • Simple control
  • special battles
  • Regular updates
  • Entertaining fights
  • Fast real-time combat with 32 players from around the world
  • A huge game card
  • Many weapons and items
  • Collect new characters, emotes, and parachutes as you upgrade
  • Optional in-app purchases (the currency is sometimes called fights, 500 wrought pieces cost 5.49 euros, 7,000 even 49.99 euros)


Battlelands Royale is a good game. The controls are simple, the game fun high and the graphics top. What more do you want from a free shooter? Nothing! So: thumbs up!

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