Why are battle royale games so popular? The History of Battle Royale

Why are battle royale games so popular? The History of Battle Royale

Battle Royale games are the topic of the hour. Since the tremendous success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , the Battle Royale has become more popular than ever. But what makes the appeal of games like PUBG, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Creative Destruction?

The genre “Battle Royale” refers to games in which a large number of players, usually 100 or more, are exposed unarmed in a large area.

There they have to fight mercilessly for survival. There are all sorts of weapons and equipment, such as axes, knives, pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. Who survives – depending on the game mode – at the end as a single player or team, has won.

The History of Battle Royale

The idea for this kind of game originally comes from the novel “Battle Royale” from Japan. The novel was later bloody and successfully filmed.

In Battle Royale, Japan’s brutally selective school system is exaggerated into a life-and-death struggle. While in real life, students argue about places and career positions, the school trip is all about survival.

Here, losers are not deposed in the race for the top jobs, but slaughtered. Students fight for survival as part of an inhumane government program.

The equally popular book series “The Hunger Games” treated a similar topic. There, selected candidates kill themselves on a lonely island in order to finally organize food parcels for their starving homeland.

The PUBG victory saying “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” is to be taken literally here.

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Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide

Why are battle royale games so popular?

What works well on screen or in book form, 2017 gameplay can celebrate huge success.

But that did not happen overnight, but is a niche trend in gaming that has built up over the years. All the fun started with the modder Brendan Greene, better known as “PlayerUnknown”. He then wrote Battle Royale mods for the military shooter Arma 2 and Arma 3.

In early 2016, Greene worked on behalf of Sony on PvP mode “King of the Kill” from the zombie survival game H1Z1.

Greene is now developing the PUBG named after him for the Korean company Bluehole with great success. But the competition does not sleep. The recently launched Fortnite: Battle Royale also wants something from the cake.

But why is it so much fun to kill each other on an island? What is the secret of success of PUBG & Co.?

Battle Royale games are extremely exciting!

The beginning and the end of a typical round in PUBG or Creative Destruction are unbeatable.

At the beginning you are exposed almost naked. Already at the jump with the parachute you see your fellow players and enemies sailing down ominously. One is still safe, but as soon as the feet touch the ground, the carnage is opened and everyone is fair game!

Now it’s time to find a weapon as fast as possible, otherwise you can only wag your forehead desperately, while your opponent may have grabbed a 9mm or a shotgun and blow away a sneering laugh. That’s it with the chicken dinner!

It’s even more extreme at the end of a lap. As usual in Battle Royale games, the field becomes smaller and smaller as the game progresses. In the end, the last players are penned in a confined space, usually heavily armed and ready for anything!

Anyone who keeps their nerves here and systematically or with good luck does the enemy, has truly earned the Chicken Dinner!

Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide

Creative Destruction Beginner's Guide

Creative Destruction guide gives some interesting assistance to new players and veterans to get better. We summarize the essential information for you!

Put the main focus in Creative Destruction not on the win!

Whoever puts all his action in Creative Destruction to win a game will definitely be disappointed. But CD contains too many random moments. So theoretically it can happen that you are shot at by 99 opponents after landing.

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This is how the new mode works

Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Much more than just a Fortnite clone: ​​Creative Destruction Review

Do not get frustrated by these random moments, these are part of the gaming experience. Focus therefore only on what you can actually control – your style of play and your skill with the weapon.

So Jack always lands in high traffic areas. As a streamer, while he sees it as his job to make for a good show, this is not the only reason. Whoever learns where the treasure chests are and where to grab the first weapon has a clear advantage right at the start of a round.

Follow the trajectory of the airborne vessel

You now have the opportunity to view the trajectory of the airborne vessel on the launch island (just open the map before the bus takes off). Take advantage of this knowledge. Most players land near the trajectory.

Depending on the course of the storm, you can estimate from which direction the opponents are trying to reach the safe zone. Use this knowledge to move you so that you can not be attacked from multiple directions as much as possible.

Adjust your style of play to your tools!

If you are only using submachine guns and shotguns, you will not stand a chance on longer distances. Play aggressively with melee weapons and target your enemies with ranged weapons from a safe distance.

Also, you should always think about which fight you really want to take. You should not push opponents with height advantage if you do not have the appropriate tool for it. Jack points out that NetEase Games now has a whole range of weapons and grenades available to suit every style of play.

What are typical mistakes of players in Creative Destruction?

According to Jack, many players lose their fights because they simply do not have the practice – after all, the Battle Royale variant of Creative Destruction is only a few months old. He wants to encourage everyone to spend hours in the game, and progress will come automatically.

Of course, this should be done taking into account the other commitments. Not everyone, like Jack, has the time to spend hours every day in the game. He also encourages his younger audience to focus on the school before Creative Destruction is gambled.

Another mistake that many players make: they absolutely want to win without completely mastering the game. They land far off the hot spots, playing slowly and carefully. To a certain point, that may be fine.

However, if they encounter a talented player, they are completely taken apart. So Jack advises you to learn the game before you seriously try to win.

Lands in high traffic areas, forces you to challenge other players and face your opponents . Learn by heart the places with the best treasures, so that you always have direct access to a weapon – and thus an advantage.

Sooner or later you will be forced to build. Practice building mode – he will decide on victory or defeat.

Creative Destruction Building Mode Tips

Jack also advises to play aggressively. Sooner or later, you will be forced to resort to home-made fortresses to survive a tricky situation.

Learn the mode of building by jumping off the map, gathering materials and happily building on it:

  • Practice building four walls and a staircase. You should be able to build such a construction in no time. Experienced players make it on the PC in about 1-1,5 seconds.
  • Learn to add doors to your walls.
  • Get involved in editing your parts. Changes the position of stairs, or removes certain elements.

Practice all these aspects until you master them in your sleep. Anyone who has understood the construction mode and is able to use it specifically, will increase his chances of winning immensely.

Creative Destruction: This is how the new mode works

Creative Destruction: This is how the new mode works

In Creative Destruction, there is the Battle Royale mode in addition to the PvP campaign. What exactly is behind it and how the new mode works, we explain below.

This is how the Battle Royale mode works in Creative Destruction

The original Creative Destruction is a sandbox game that is about survival in co-op mode. In addition to the campaign but also a new Battle Royale mode was introduced.

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Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Much more than just a Fortnite clone: ​​Creative Destruction Review

Creative Destruction has been available for Android,Ios,PC and Steam since 20 June 2018 and is being developed by NetEase Games.

This mode is different than the campaign is playable for free and designed for 100 players per round.

Similar to Fortnite, you and 99 other players jump out of a airborne vessel over an island.

You choose your place of departure and then explore the world and collect the best possible equipment and weapons.

As you progress through the game, a moving wall pushes you more and more into a specific circle that gets smaller and smaller.

There the finale takes place and it is about switching off the other players and surviving last.

Special feature on Creative Destruction

Unlike genre-related games, Creative Destruction stands out not only for its comic look but also for the build feature.

In addition to various adjustable traps, you have the opportunity to create platforms, ramps, and bastions . So you can not only protect, but reach higher places.

During the game you will not only encounter weapons and armor, but also construction materials. You can also dismantle existing buildings and collect the parts.

Creative Destruction not only focuses on fighting skills but also on your building skills.

In the game, you can not only play alone, but also in groups with friends, the so-called squads.

Seasons and rankings have been added via the update. For a good finish at the end of a season, you will receive rewards.

Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Creative Destruction Tips and Tricks

Creative destruction is currently in vogue. We provide you with the best tips for beginners and advanced players so that you can compete with your 99 opponents!

The Creative Destruction by NetEase Games is still growing in popularity. The map of the game has just been completely revised with Update 2.0.2401 and compared to the first map much livelier.

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Creative Destruction Review

In Battle Royale mode, you jump from a airborne vessel over a huge island and, when you reach the bottom, you have to fight for 99 players to survive. A death zone reduces the area until the winner is determined. So it’s up to you to collect the weapons and equipment lying around and choose the right tactics , because there can only be one winner!

With our guide, we provide you with the best tips for beginners and advanced players , which will improve your tactics and make you end up as a winner!

1.Choose the best landing spot

creative destruction best landing spots

If you have the cheery hopping and dancing banter in the pre-game lobby behind you, you will find yourself in the airborne vessel again, flying in a random route on the map. Choosing the right take-off and landing point is already a crucial factor in how the game will go.It is all up to you, when and where you jump off. Keep an eye on your teammates as they will increasingly parachute at key points on the map.

If you jump at the same time, the mail should leave directly on the ground after your landing . So, if you want to gather weapons and material at your leisure, you should wait as long as possible for your jump and avoid the route of your teammates .

Are you a good shooter who keeps a cool head even in heated duels? And do you want to practice what awaits you in the game? Then lands in the urban areas that lure with many weapons and items . But beware: the competition will be great!

Do you want to be careful, attack from the camouflage and win the epic victory ? Then love you look for a secluded place . Although there are usually only a few weapons, but also fewer opponents , which increases your chances of survival!

2. The best equipment

best equipment in creative destruction

On the ground, it is up to you to collect weapons and items. The right equipment can decide on victory and defeat. At the beginning of the round you are still happy about every weapon you can get. But as the match progresses, so does the importance of healing and shield potions .

Therefore, get stuck on a few weapons and fill the other inventory items with healing items. Five inventory slots are available, so choose wisely! With three weapons for different distances, an explosive weapon and bandages , you’re ready for hot battles:

  • For close combat , the pump gun and the submachine gun are recommended.
  • Medium distances , the assault rifle is recommended.
  • Long distances you fall back on the sniper rifle.

Most weapons in Creative Destruction are available in different quality levels. The higher the quality, the better the weapon: A blue shotgun causes more damage than a green one and so on.

Advice for the advanced: never underestimate the shotgun!

Although the shotgun is gray and green only in the rarity levels compared to the tactical shotgun , this offers a huge advantage: In a critical hit, it is deadly even over long distances ! If you want to ambush a careless player, the shotgun is sometimes the better choice. In hectic melee situations, however, the tactical shotgun with its higher rate of fire makes more sense.

3.Be quiet and listen

creative destruction tips

So you rely solely on your eyes and your ears. So be as quiet as possible , as you move across the island, because in most cases: whoever hears his opponent first, also wins the fight!

As far as possible, do not sprint and run rather crouch over the island. This is slower, but makes much less noise . In addition, sprints cause clouds of smoke behind your enemies can see – even from long distances! By the way: Even if you change the weapon, your teammates can hear that!

In addition, it is advisable to use a good headset , if you have such a. This allows you to hear your opponents much better and locate where they are. Again, if you listen to your enemy sooner than he does, you will win the fight in most cases. It does not matter if your opponent is far better equipped than you.

4.Be patient

creative destruction tricks

Patience is a virtue. This also applies to Creative Destruction . Most of the time, new players recognize that they ‘re running around wildly, targeting everything they come across. Of course, that’s not wise. Make one thing clear:

The game is about survival rather than dealing with many enemies! So learn to be patient and shoot only at your enemies if your chances of success are high enough to emerge victorious from the duel. If you shoot at a moving opponent from a great distance, the chances of actually shutting it down are vanishingly small.

Carefully sneak up on your victim. Keep an eye on the environment so that nobody can suddenly stab you in the back, and then hit you deadly when you’re safe! The opposite is true: If you patiently keep an eye on the events on the island, you may have an easy time with an opponent who has just survived a heated duel .

5.Become the builder

Become the builder

Creative Destruction takes over the components from the main game, which is a unique selling point compared to Fortnite . Therefore , early in the game, you should start dismantle to gather material to build platforms, ramps, and bastions with your Dismantler, so that you can dig in if necessary .

Of course, you can use the resources to get to higher ground, which gives you a tactical advantage. However, large structures make little sense in the early days of a game, as you are forced to move on at regular intervals. Especially at the end of the round , the role of the construction function but increasingly important . Bear in mind, however, that a fort erected attracts the attention of other players.

Learn to Use Construction: In a heated duel, a quick wall between you and your opponent can decide about life and death . Equally crucial is the choice of the right material: wooden barricades are built quickly, but they only last a little. Metal, on the other hand, is much more robust.

Much more than just a Fortnite clone: ​​Creative Destruction Review

​​Creative Destruction Review

Now begins the sixth season! Shall We Management Service Ltd. has again updated and expanded the Creative Destruction Advance game. It’s a cool mobile game that – as I said – reminds of Fortnite. The approximately 1.2 GB fun is free to have in the respective stores (update from 1 June 2019).

And you can expect that in Creative Destruction: This game is a Fortnite-inspired Battle Royale game in which up to a hundred players can compete against each other on an island full of weapons. And just like Fortnite, only one player can survive here. As in other games of this genre, you can play singly or in teams.

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Play Creative Destruction for free

See that you only land the game in the wlan, otherwise your data volume is used up for the month. Once you are ready, you will be greeted by a little alien who wants to show you the Valley of the Dawn. His name is Hammer – and also has hammer-like sayings in stock.

The gameplay is identical to the game PUBG or more specifically Fortnite or Fortcraft. At the beginning, you will jump with a parachute on a 4 × 4 km island, which has 13 different scenarios that you can explore at will. But remember that you are not alone, because you are playing against time and against dozens of enemies who want to kill you. iOS players get the mobile game here.

Use your main weapon to gather resources and destroy everything in the setting. These can be cars, houses or even trees. Every part, like the first wooden door, which you have disassembled into pieces, you should not leave aside, because it can still be useful to you. Because you have to build a bastion to protect yourself. Here is the Android version of the game.

Before you know it, even the first enemy lurks on you. Make him down. Pay attention to the sayings that are released in the tutorial. “Adventurer, stick to the instructions and not around” I’ve heard several times now. Similar games are available here.

Creative Destruction Review

I do my best, but somehow I can not shoot unerringly. My rifle, which I found in first house, is a real hoot, but I still miss the target water.

Here are some tips on the game: In real combat, you must survive as long as possible and kill your opponents in a specific order. In Creative Destruction Advance you have a wide selection of weapons at your disposal, including shotguns, pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles, bombers, traps (such as beehives or air pumps) and assault rifles.

They are available in different colors according to their rarity. Also use your energy shields, first aid kits, grenades and other accessories to increase your chances of survival.

There is a big reward system. You will receive gifts when you share the game with another player, finish a game with a friend, reach the top 5 with your team in 4-team mode, and so on.

Create your character – unique

Click on the depot. Here you can shape your character. Change the look, the suit, choose a cool pants or a baseball cap. But not only the characters can be adjusted – as long as you have enough money (virtual coins or diamonds).

How long can I survive in this outfit?

If you already know the game, you may be pleased that the Defend the Captain mode is available again. Here adventurers are divided into two teams. Turn off all opposing captains to claim victory. New is the air raid remote control. These can only be found in drop boxes. With their help, you can trigger devastating air raids anywhere on the map and let it rain on your opponents fire.

These are the features of the game Creative Destruction

  • Great graphics
  • You can chat while playing
  • There is a season pass
  • You can start your own guild
  • Many customization options
  • Many weapons to choose from
  • Optional in-app purchases
  • The app is around 1.1 GB in size
  • Click here for the official site of the game


Creative Destruction is very similar to the game Fortnite. If you’re lucky with the best server, the game is a round affair. Because otherwise it jerks a bit and hangs on – who wants to know, I play it with an iPhone 8 with iOS 12.0.